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Getting the best gas credit card

Getting the best gas credit card

Gas credit cards can be of the following types:

  • Gas Reward Cards
  • Gas Station Rebate Cards
  • Fleet Gas Credit Cards

Depending on the frequency of refilling gas, you can choose the Gas rewards or Gas Station rebates for personal or non-business gas credit cards.

Fleet Gas Cards can be used for a small business in the transportation and logistics centers.

Highlights of the best gas credit cards

  • Bank of America® BankAmericard Cash Rewards
    This offers you up to 3% cashback on gas/diesel purchases and up to 2% on grocery purchases. The company offers 1% cashback on other categories. It also offers other bonuses for Bank of America savings and checking account holders. There are no annual fees.
  • Costco Anywhere Visa® Card
    This offers you up to 4% of cashback on gas/diesel, 3% on grocery purchases, 2% on restaurants and travels. In addition, it offers 2% on Costco purchases, however, this is not applicable to other wholesale purchases. Costco membership has no annual fees.
  • Chase Freedom®
    This card is suitable for customers who prefer to drive occasionally. The offers include 5% cashback capped at $1,500 for combined purchases i.e. gas/diesel purchases plus gas station purchases. The average gas rewards are at 3% with seasonal offers from e-commerce websites, home improvement stores, and restaurant. There are no annual fees for this card.
  • BP Visa® Credit Card
    This card offers 25 cents/gallon rebate/discount for every $100 BP charges. You will also get 15 cents/gallon rebate/discount for $100 spending on dining, travel and grocery purchases. Also, 5 cents per gallon rebate/discount for $100 other purchases (not including gas/diesel from other stations).
  • Shell Drive for Five Card
    Gas credit cards offered by Shell offers 5 cents rebate/discount on every gallon of gas/diesel. It offers other rewards at 2%.

In fleet gas credit cards, it is important to consider the following:

  • Location of the card usages
  • Pricing for fuel cards
  • Limits on credit card
  • Integration of systems of Fleet and Card to make better decisions

Depending on the requirements, it is important to choose the right gas credit card.

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