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4 easy ways to file tax returns for free

4 easy ways to file tax returns for free

As the beginning of the fiscal year draws closer, the humongous task of filing tax returns too comes knocking at your door. For many citizens, filing tax returns proves to be quite an ordeal as not all of them are well-versed with the art of managing their finances. Doing their taxes and filing for returns can be an unpleasant task for such people. However, one of the easiest ways to do your taxes and file returns without breaking a sweat is by hiring professionals to do the same. Also, doing so will require you to shell out a substantial amount of money. If you are low on funds currently and do not wish to spend money on hiring a tax professional, then there are other ways to file tax returns for free.

It is common knowledge that you have to file for your returns before April 15, 2019, which is why people who aren’t equipped with the resources to do their own taxes and file the returns need to find reliable sources to help them in this endeavor.

To ensure that you file your tax returns without any hassles, you can adhere to either of these below-mentioned free methods of filing tax returns.

Go old school
If e-filing gives you the jitters as you aren’t comfortable with the e-filing system, you can do it the old way. You can download all the forms you need from the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) official website and mail it once you have filled the forms. You will need the W-2 form and other income statements, and for completing the returns, you will need a proof of health insurance coverage. To ensure that you do not experience any hassles through the process, keep all your supporting documents like earning statements, receipts from charitable donations, and interest statements with you.

Seek free help
For taxpayers who make $54,000 or less than that in a year, those who do not speak English properly, or people with disabilities, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program comes to the rescue. The volunteers of this program are certified by the IRS and can offer help with basic returns and file your returns electronically. Moreover, for seniors who face difficulty with the e-filing system, the Tax Counseling for the Elderly program offers similar services to taxpayers who are 60 or older. The AARP’s Tax-Aide program also provides these services. You can find these volunteer programs easily as they are usually present at libraries and community centers, or you can use the IRS locator tool for this purpose.

The Free File Alliance
The Free File Alliance is a free online software that is available on IRS’s official website and is meant for taxpayers whose incomes are $62,000 or less. However, not everyone is eligible to use all the options of this software. Some programs provide free state returns, whereas others offer state returns for a fee. This online software offers the online equivalent of paper forms, but the only difference is that the software will do the math for you. This tool can be used by those who fit the income requirement and can do their own taxes. You will have to visit the IRS’s official website and fill out the forms online, and once all the correct details are entered, you can file these electronically.

Free versions of commercial software for simple returns
People often use tax software to get their taxes done, but these are often paid services. There are tax software like TurboTax and TaxACT that offer a federal free edition for taxpayers with simple returns. These programs include free state returns. In fact, United Way and H&R Block have partnered to offer free tax returns to people seeking such services through a program called MyFreeTaxes. This service offers free federal and state returns to those tax filers who earn less than $62,000 a year.

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