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AARP Dental Insurance Plan administered by Delta Dental

AARP Dental Insurance Plan administered by Delta Dental

A smile is something that you will never outgrow. In order to protect that beautiful smile, you need to have the right dental insurance plan. The AARP dental insurance plan administered by Delta Dental makes it easier than ever to find a great dental insurance plan that will continue to keep you smiling. You have the option of choosing from two Delta Dental plans-the PPO Plan and the DeltaCare USA.

  • Delta Dental PPO Plans
    Delta Dental PPO Plan is a part of the AARP dental insurance plan. This is a plan designed exclusively for AARP members. The PPO Plan brings you peace of mind as it offers a wide range of coverage and also gives you the freedom to visit any dentist of your choice. The PPO options provide coverage for the most common dental problems which also include three cleanings and exams per the calendar year. The best part is that the plan also includes dental implants. There are quite a number of dentists throughout the nation that are contracted Delta Dental dentists. Hence with the AARP dental insurance plan, you have a wide range of options to choose from and you can also enjoy convenient access. Once you have had the plan for over 12 months you can also get services like crowns, bridges, and dentures.
  • DeltaCare USA Plan
    DeltaCare USA prepaid plan is also a part of the AARP dental insurance plan and it enables you to keep your budget healthy. The plan provides you with set costs that can help you manage your budget. Your co-payments are set with no deductible and no annual benefit limit. There is also no annual maximum so you need not worry about exceeding it. You can, hence, enjoy the dental care that you need without any worries or hassles. Once you enroll in the DeltaCare USA plan, you will be covered right away and, hence, there is no waiting period that you need to worry about. You can start taking advantage of your coverage right away.
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