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Affordable dental insurance for seniors in Chicago

Affordable dental insurance for seniors in Chicago

It is a well-known fact that senior citizens need special dental care. Our teeth and gums get more susceptible to decay with the onset of age. Just like dental problems can affect overall health, health problems like diabetes, heart problems, and respiratory diseases can also affect dental health. Hence, it is imperative that seniors have good and affordable dental insurance as out-of-pocket dental care costs are too expensive for them to afford. Let’s take a look at the dental insurance companies that provide affordable dental care for seniors in Chicago:

  • Affordable Dentures and Implants
    As the name suggests, Affordable Dentures and Dentures keep their costs down and pass on the savings to their customers. They have highly qualified technicians who have crafted over thousands of dentures and implants. They also take pride in delivering same-day service to their customers.
  • Western Dental Affordable dentistry
    They specialize in treating people of all ages giving special care to seniors. Western Dental offers comprehensive dental plans that are affordable and fit your needs and budget perfectly.
  • Affinity Dental
    Their mission is to bring affordable dental care to the senior community. Affinity Dental is a state-of-the-art dental clinic located in the friendly neighborhood of Chicago’s North center. They provide their patients with impeccable and compassionate service. They offer all phases of dentistry for the convenience of the patients like orthodontics, cosmetics, dentures, and implants.
  • University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry
    They are Chicago’s largest oral health providers who offer comprehensive and personalized dental care for general and special needs. The students and faculty at the College of Dentistry are dedicated to educating and helping patients especially seniors make the best decisions to improve their oral health. They also offer comprehensive dental plans for the whole family.
  • Big Smile Dental
    Seniors receive discounted care at Big Smile Dental, making it very affordable for them. They also offer a multitude of payment options for the convenience of their patients.
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