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Here’s why GEICO motorcycle insurance is a popular choice

Here’s why GEICO motorcycle insurance is a popular choice

The first step you need to take after buying a motorcycle is getting it insured, which is required by law by each state in the country. Some states have strict laws for motorcyclists and some are a bit more easygoing, so doing your bit of research is important as well. Depending on the state you reside in, the insurance policies on offer will differ, and we’re here to make sure that all the right information is at your disposal. In this article, we’ve discussed a couple of questions that the most current and future owners ask about motorcycle insurance

Which motorcycle insurance plans are the most popular?

Several types of motorcycle insurance plans are available. Here are some of the popular options that most customers choose:

Liability insurance

If you opt for a liability insurance plan, you are given coverage in the event of an accident in which another individual is injured and/or their vehicle is damaged. Depending on the limit of your policy, the injured person’s medical bills will be paid for by the insurance plan without you having to pay out of pocket at the time of the accident. In case the person decides to sue you for your actions, the insurance will also take care of the legal liabilities for such a case.

Collision insurance

This motorcycle insurance plan is useful for the repairs needed on your motorcycle in the event of an accident. If you collide with another object, like a car, another motorcycle, tree, or even a building, the damages that your vehicle sustains will be repaired at the insurance company’s expense.

Comprehensive insurance

A comprehensive insurance plan covers the damages sustained by a motorcycle in events that are not accidental. Examples of such situations include motorcycle theft, vandalism, and natural calamities like forest fires, hail storms, and flash floods.

Why is GEICO motorcycle insurance a popular choice?
GEICO provides a wide range of discounts like federal and military discounts. It also has several other types of offers, like

  • Multi-Cycle Discount
    It is applicable if you insure more than one motorcycle. 
  • Loyalty Means a Lot
    In this offer, you get a 20% discount on renewing your insurance.
  • Multi-Policy Discount
    This discount is applicable when you as well as someone from your family opt for insurance from GEICO. 
  • Mature Rider Discount
    It is aimed to attract experienced riders to get 10% off their insurance. 
  • Just For Switching
    If you already have motorcycle insurance but wish to switch to GEICO from another company, you are eligible for a discount of up to 20% for this switch.

You may get in touch with GEICO for other offers that may suit your needs. While this insurance provider has several plans, it also has some options for motorcycle specialty coverages. There are three types of GEICO specialty coverages:

  • Accessories Coverage
    This provides insurance for non-stock sidecars, trike conversion kits, seats and saddlebags, and even electronic equipment. Speak to your GEICO representative to know which accessories are included under this coverage. 
  • Helmet Coverage
    Just as the name suggests, this specialty coverage is specifically for your helmet. If you have an expensive electronic helmet, this plan would make insuring it quite easy. 
  • Emergency Roadside Coverage
    A flat tire in the middle of a journey can be a huge hassle, especially if you’re out alone on the highway. With this coverage plan, GEICO will send out help to wherever you are and fix your motorcycle issue. This specialty coverage is affordable and efficient.

When it comes to accessibility, GEICO is widely known for its satisfactory customer service with a high rating earned from A.M Best Company. In fact, with the GEICO mobile app, you can get all the information regarding your insurance in just a few taps and also file a claim using your phone. Several repair shops also work with GEICO to provide you hassle-free repair work on your motorcycle in time of need.

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