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Medicare Dental Insurance coverage for seniors

Medicare Dental Insurance coverage for seniors

In case you are shopping for dental insurance for seniors, it is important to consider what services and treatments they may need, the cost of the dental plan and what the plan covers. The dental history and the current condition of the teeth of the seniors have a huge role to play in the dental needs of that person. Some of the dental problems that senior citizens generally face are dental caries, tooth loss, gum disease, oral cancer, and facial pain.

Medicare also offers dental coverage for seniors. Generally, Original Medicare dental coverage is limited to circumstances that involve hospitalization. Original Medicare, both Parts A B do not cover most dental care that includes fillings, cleanings, tooth extractions, dentures, and dental plates. However, Medicare Advantage Plans offer routine dental coverage and the extent of your Medicare Dental Plan may vary from plan to plan.

As a member of Medicare, it is not necessary for you to only look at Medicare Dental plans; you are free to shop around for other dental plans as well. Some dental plan types are Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plans while others are indemnity plans. PPO is a type of plan that basically has a contract with different dental providers and connects you to a network of participating providers. You can even visit a dentist out of the network plan for an additional cost. An indemnity plan, also known as a fee-for-service plan, on the other hand, allows you to visit almost any dentist that you would like to with the plan covering a portion of your charges.

Another important thing that you need to consider when getting dental insurance for seniors is the waiting period that some plans may have for certain services. Some plans may have really long waiting periods, even as long as 15 months before the plan covers that service. Hence, it is not advisable for seniors to wait until they have a dental emergency in order to enroll for dental insurance.

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