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Top 10 mutual life insurance company

Top 10 mutual life insurance company

The mutual life insurance company in New York is a pioneer in popularizing the concept of insurance in the country. Mutual life insurance offers whole life insurances and has been doing so for many years now. In the early 1980s, however, they branched off to different areas and acquired newer companies.

Mutual life insurance has merged with many companies in order to satisfy the needs of a large customer base. The top 10 best life insurance companies in the country today are:

  • Haven Life Insurance
    They are known for their fast and easy approval of insurances.
  • Massachusetts Mutual
    Massachusetts Mutual offer mutual insurances that can be taken for two different people in a family.
  • Banner Life
    Banner life offers one of the cheapest insurances available in the market.
  • Protective Life Insurance
    They offer universal insurances, i.e. they cover different areas like life insurance, medical insurance home, and car insurance. However, they are not a very well known company.
  • Prudential Insurance
    They offer insurance, annuities, mutual funds as well as pension and investment- related investments for policy seekers.
  • AIG
    American Internation Group is a highly competitive company that provides insurance with maximum benefits at minimum premiums.
  • Principal Life Insurance
    It is easy to purchase insurance from them, as they do not require a medical exam before they issue insurance. However, they recommend that customers get their health checked before taking an insurance when they are over 60 years of age.
  • Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
    They are a trusted name in the market.
  • MetLife
    MetLife provides insurances at affordable coverage values.
  • Transamerica Life Insurance
    Transamerica is an international company with affordable terms and universal plans which suit every requirement.

Life insurance for a person is calculated on the basis of a number of considerations. These include age, medical history, premium amount, salary, and benefits offered by the particular plan. Some plans are specific to different sections of the society. There are certain plans that are made only for pilots, veterans, civilians, while some insurance plans are designed for the residents of a particular region.

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