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Top 3 term life insurance quotes for seniors

Top 3 term life insurance quotes for seniors

Life insurance can be chosen from a wide variety of plans available in the market. However, the best term life insurance should fit your needs and requirements perfectly. One should weigh the pros and cons of a particular life insurance plan before making a decision. Permanent life insurance can be differentiated from the term plan by seeing how a term life insurance policy works and for how long. The term life insurance cost invested does not develop any cash value and lasts only for a given amount of time. On the basis of your needs, different types of insurance plans are available, be it long term or short term life insurance. For instance, even a decreasing term insurance exists which can be chosen when the financial obligations decrease over time like in case of mortgage, loans etc. A wide variety of decreasing term life insurance quotes can be very easily obtained, just like all the other life insurance plans. Some insurance quotes for seniors are as follows:

  • Assurity life insurance Company
    The whole life insurance for seniors offers coverage from the day the agreement is signed. The amount can go up to a maximum of $50,000 before the age of 65, and a maximum of $25,000 after the age of 65. It is a great option to choose if one is looking at the funeral and burial insurance expenses.
  • Banner Life Insurance
    It offers the best quotes for clients with sub-standard risk which stand out to be the most competitive life insurance rates for seniors.
  • Fidelity Life Insurance
    This company’s plans are highly recommended for seniors as it does not need a mandatory medical examination as an eligibility criterion. The hybrid term life insurance option allows one to receive the life insurance coverage within 48 hours. This policy is known to offer one third of the coverage paid as term insurance and the rest of the amount as accidental death insurance. One can also take a medical exam six months after signing up.
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