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Understanding the need for identity theft protection services

Understanding the need for identity theft protection services

Identity theft protection agencies offer a wide range of services that include protecting an individual or a business’ identity and financial information. There are a plethora of identity theft protection agencies available. These agencies offer services depending on the level of security sought by the customers. The basic protection is to monitor the credit and transactions of the customer and detect any anomaly in the use of information or finances. While these identity theft protection services can help identify any risk areas in a customer’s transaction, they cannot stop an identity theft that has occurred.

Identity theft protection services can be costly and would only be essential when the following factors are prevalent:

  • In cases when there is a loss of a Social Security card or there has been a data breach that can compromise personal and financial information of a person or business.
  • In cases where you do not want to freeze your credit report.
  • In cases when you are in the possibility of exposing your personal information and financial data and do not have appropriate measures to safeguard your data.

    The following two agencies are among the popular identity theft protection agencies in the market.

    Identity® Force Ultrasecure+Credit ID Protection
    This agency offers economical packages starting at around $24 per month and around $240 per year. They also offer a family coverage option that is available at the rate of around $34 per month. This is best suited for those who want to protect their personal and medical information and even for those looking for a full protection cover for the family.

    ID Watchdog PLATINUM
    This identity theft protection service covers credit monitoring with simple alters and recovery modes at the cost of about $20 per month and around $200 per year. This plan is apt for basic identity monitoring but does not include credit monitoring. For those who have fallen prey to an incident of identity theft can get aid for recovery of information at the price of an additional fee.

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