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4 reasons why GEICO’s insurance policies are so cheap

4 reasons why GEICO’s insurance policies are so cheap

GEICO is one of the most popular brands that provide car insurance at very affordable rates. This has led many people to place the company at the top of their list when buying insurance plans. However, it’s unusual to find policies at such low prices in the market. So, if you’ve been wondering why GEICO’s services are so cheap, here are a few reasons to help you understand the same.

GEICO’s insurance plans are so affordable because the company sells its policies directly to the consumer. This means there is no additional cost. You entirely avoid paying commissions that would be applicable in the case of other insurance companies and their policies. GEICO also doesn’t rely on insurance agents to find customers; instead, they sell their insurance plans via their online platform. This helps you save money as you don’t have to shell out the big bucks to find a great insurance plan.

Low operating costs
Another reason for GEICO’s cheap insurance plans is their low operating costs. GEICO functions primarily online, meaning they cut down on costs for renting or purchasing any physical location. Other agencies with luxurious agent offices and physical operations usually make up for these costs through their insurance plans.

Multiple discounts
GEICO also provides many discounts and offers that lower the overall cost of their insurance plans. Their concessions can actually save 15% or more of the total cost. Some of their popular offers include multi-car discounts, discounts for cars with safety features, and discounts for members of specific organizations. The company also offers special discounts for good drivers with an accident-free record.

Specialization and financial stability
GEICO offers many different insurance policies and covers a wide range of subjects. But, their primary field of insurance is automobiles. They are one of the largest auto insurance companies, insuring approximately 24 million vehicles in the country. This allows them to have a massive customer base. And to retain this customer base and monopolize the market, the company continues to offer low rates. What enables GEICO to offer the cheapest car insurance plans is that they have the resources. According to their website, the company has assets worth over $32 billion, contributing to its exceptional financial prowess.

Other popular and affordable insurance options include State Farm and Progressive. To find out if GEICO is cheaper than State Farm or if GEICO is cheaper than Progressive, you can read our other articles.

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