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Best perks on offer with GEICO auto insurance

Best perks on offer with GEICO auto insurance

GEICO is one of the leading vehicle insurance providers in the market and has been providing valuable customer service for over 85 years. Its insurance quotes are free to consider and easy to apply for, with a ton of discounts on policy rates. The policies offered for auto, homeowner, as well as renters insurance are competitively affordable. In this article, we focus on GEICO’s auto insurance and its budget-friendly quotes.

GEICO offers comprehensive insurance coverage for a nominal monthly premium. Considering influential factors like coverage, deductibles, and insurance limits, the company’s policies are easy on the pocket.

Key highlights of GEICO auto insurance quotes
Having car insurance can save you the unexpected cost of liabilities that arise in the event of an accident, and here’s what GEICO has to offer.

  • GEICO insurance quotes provide comprehensive coverage for any damages sustained in the event of an accident and for the car’s repair costs.
  • You and your car are protected from underinsured or uninsured motorists who may not be able to compensate for losses incurred.
  • GEICO auto insurance quotes also cover the cost of medical expenses and other treatment needed to recover from injuries sustained in the accident.

GEICO policy benefits
Here are some perks you can take advantage of with GEICO auto insurance:

  • With affordable auto insurance quotes, GEICO helps you easily save over $500 annually with a good policy and extended coverage.
  • Based on recent surveys and reviews, GEICO insurance quotes have a 97% customer satisfaction rating. The policies on offer come with easy payment options and budget-friendly coverage.
  • You can even manage your insurance premium payments and explore your policy features on the go with GEICO’s official mobile app.
  • By claiming Rental Reimbursement, the insurance policy will cover rental car costs till the vehicle that was involved in the accident is deemed roadworthy after repairs or is overhauled for a new car.
  • Using the GEICO mobile app, you can also request for emergency roadside assistance 24/7. This premium benefit can be availed for as little as $14 per car.
  • GEICO insurance quotes are also inclusive of Mechanical Breakdown Assistance (MBI). Overall, opting for an MBI is a better option over extended warranty.

GEICO’s exclusive coverage calculator
Never pay full price and burden yourself with the increased cost of premiums. GEICO offers a simple but effective coverage calculator tool that can give you the best current car insurance quotes online.

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