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Decoding Cigna HealthSpring Medicare Part D

Decoding Cigna HealthSpring Medicare Part D

The government provides health insurance coverage through Medicare. Under this system, there are different insurance plans that have their own benefits, costs, and premiums to be paid. These plans are approved and offered to eligible seniors over the age of 65 or younger people with specific disabilities, who especially have enrolled in Original Medicare with Parts A and B, the Part D of Medicare is exclusively dedicated to covering the costs of prescription medications. Cigna Health Insurance is one of the many private companies that is authorized by the Federal Government to offer insurance plans to help lower prescription medication cost.

There are some Medicare Advantage plans that have inbuilt prescription medication cover, but if you are enrolled in Original Medicare with Parts A and B, then a separate Part D prescription medication plan is available for enrollment. Regardless of the income earned and the necessity for physical exams, one of the two Cigna HealthSpring Medicare Part D plans—the standalone insurance that covers only prescription medication, or the Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan that covers the cost of both medical and prescription drugs—are offered to all those who are eligible and reside in the approved locations around the country.

However, participation is limited to one plan per person per year of enrollment, and the coverage for each plan varies depending on many different factors such as level of income and whether a state pharmacy assistance program or an employer-sponsored coverage is chosen. Hence, the number of monthly premium payments, deductibles, copays, or coinsurance differ significantly.

The advantages of Cigna HealthSpring Medicare Part D are the affordable low premiums, protection for the insured against high costs of prescription medications, the choice given with respect to the cost-benefit levels, and the fact that this plan works alongside a couple of different Medicare plans. To avail these advantages of the Cigna HealthSpring Medicare Part D health insurance plan, payments for Medicare Part B premiums and Part D coverage, or premiums for the Medicare Advantage plan that already includes medication coverage must be done regularly.

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