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Difference between term life insurance and universal life insurance policy

Difference between term life insurance and universal life insurance policy

There are multiple sorts of insurance schemes for people from all walks of life. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages. What serves for you can be decided only after a comprehensive study and a thorough understanding of all the finer details of each policy. Here let us compare term life insurance and universal life insurance policies.

Term life insurance is a basic insurance that is valid, as the name suggests, only for a specified period of time. And, if the insured person is alive at the time the policy period ends, then he or the beneficiaries of the insurance policy are not compensated in any way. The insurance premiums paid thus far are stated useless. Although the universal life insurance is more expensive than the term life insurance, the security of getting a confirmed payout at the end of the term of this policy is satisfying, unlike in a term life insurance.

However, universal life insurance, or permanent insurance as it is otherwise called, consolidates death benefits with a savings factor that can be reinvested or cashed at any time and, additionally this is also tax-free. The policyholders are penalized for pre-closing the universal life insurance earlier than its fixed term.

Irrelevant for those who want to insure themselves against unforeseen accidents or mishaps, term life insurance is in contradiction, good for those who know for sure that their life is coming to an end because of a serious illness or health condition. But for those people who want a reliable and straightforward payout after their life ends, universal insurance is the right choice.

The decision of converting a term life insurance policy into a permanent insurance within a limited time frame is significant for many who decide to do exactly that, recognizing the changes in their health or living situations. Although it is costly to do so, term life insurance can also be renewed after its term expires. Despite being more complicated than term life insurance, universal life insurance has its own advantages. Withdrawals are made feasible and loans are provided against the insurance amount during the term of the policy.

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