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Home and Auto insurance bundles that you should look into

Home and Auto insurance bundles that you should look into

It is really important to have good insurance coverage on the two things that have the most monetary value– your home and your car. Most companies offer home and auto insurance bundles thereby allowing to save big on your insurance policies. You can opt to bundle both your car and home insurance when completing a quote for either type of insurance. Say for instance you are purchasing auto insurance, at the end of which your provider will ask whether you are looking out for home insurance as well. Most people normally have their car insured with one company and their home with some other company. In this case, it can be a little tricky when you try to bundle both the insurance policies together. If you find a good deal that bundles both your home and auto insurance, you need to then give a written notice to the company whose service you want to stop at least a month prior to stopping the service. This way you can be certain that there is no confusion when you switch insurance companies and also your current company will stop billing you by the end of the month. Cancelling your insurance haphazardly will leave you with a gap in your insurance policies which will prove to be a very costly affair. It is hence advisable to already have a company in mind before you let your current insurance company know that you will be canceling your policy.

Top rated insurance companies like Nationwide, Farmers, Progressive, State Farm, Allstate and Liberty Mutual give you great discounts when you decide to bundle both your home and auto insurance policies. The average discount rate varies from company to company and ranges from 3% to 10%. You can always check online and compare quotes from different companies just by entering your Zip code. Even small insurance companies have bundles at a great price, so it is not necessary to stick to the big name brands on this one. Sometimes smaller companies offer greater discounts than the bigger companies.

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