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Options with Florida Health Insurance Plans for individuals

Options with Florida Health Insurance Plans for individuals

Florida has the highest exchange enrollment in the country, which includes more than a million people enlisting in various health insurance plans for individuals through the marketplace. If you are one of them and are looking to change your current health insurance plan to a better one, are self-employed, or are not provided insurance by your employer, or if you are simply looking to take better care of your health, then look no further than Florida Health Care Plans. They offer comprehensive and quality Florida health insurance plans for individuals, in addition to providing efficient personal service. Based in Holly Hill, Florida, and known as the NAC Health Plan, Inc. before 2009, the Florida Health Care Plan, Inc. offers health insurance plans designed to suit unique individual needs.

Apart from the many affordable coverage plans that can be personalized, Florida Health Care Plans also owns and operates pharmacies. Moreover, their 13 all-inclusive healthcare facilities that include labs, hospitals, urgent care and pharmacies, and their range of diverse healthcare providers offer not just convenient high-quality care but also the peace of mind that can only be associated with Florida Health Care Plans.

Their or Point of Service (POS) option, which is a combination of HMO and PPO plans, based on the managed care health insurance plan with lower cost in favor of limited choice in coverage options is an advantage. While the choice of the physician must be made from within the network, health care services can be chosen from outside the network. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida’s Health Options plan from the state’s largest health insurer is an option to choose from if you become a member of Florida Health Care Plans. The price of the plan you choose will not be different from the official website if you decide to get it through a broker, an insurance company, over the phone, or with a written application form. The goal is to get the most benefit for the money spent.

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