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Reasons why you can bank on New York Life insurance

Reasons why you can bank on New York Life insurance

Dependable and trustworthy. That’s what New York Life insurance stands for.

Being credited with some of the ‘firsts’ in the insurance industry like non-forfeiture options, cash-dividend payments to policyholders, issuing life insurance policies to women, New York Insurance has a diverse range of products such as annuities, mutual funds, long-term car insurance, retirement plans, life insurance and much more.

The number of insurance seekers are only increasing in New York, this is shown by statistics and this is the reason for the availability of inexpensive insurance plans. The Essential Plan is a new plan for New Yorkers, and depending on your income level, it is either $20/month or $0/month/person.

DUI refers to Driving Under Influence and it means driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These drugs include alcohol, legal prescription drugs, street drugs or a combination of all three. Being convicted of a DUI will not only reduce your chances of receiving affordable rates for car insurance in New York, but all drivers convicted of a DUI must carry New York’s minimum car liability insurance coverage.

Forging or stealing another person’s identity is identity theft. It is done by falsely obtaining and using another person’s social security number, bank account number, driving license number and such personal information for fraudulent purposes. While the victims of identity thefts are not responsible for the fraud that is committed in their name, contacting the concerned agencies and informing them about the identity theft certainly is their responsibility. The addition of Identity Restoration Coverage in your insurance policy helps provide both restorative and preventive services in the event of an identity theft.

The New York State Health Plan Marketplace also called the New York State Health Benefit Exchange (NYSOH) offers insurance plans in four different levels. Health insurance and dental insurance are available for all citizens or legal permanent residents.

While the top insurance companies in New York are: State Farm, Liberty Mutual, AIA Group Limited, AAA, and Travelers, some of the worst insurance companies are: Conseco, WellPoint, Torchmark, Liberty Mutual, and Unum.

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