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Things to know about GEICO’s rideshare insurance

Things to know about GEICO’s rideshare insurance

Rideshare apps have been a blessing these past few years. Although they are a source of employment for a substantial number of people, the employees are not well protected when it comes to insurance. There are times when both their personal as well as corporate insurance leaves them vulnerable. This is where policies like the GEICO rideshare insurance take the win and protect the people.

What is a rideshare policy?
Rideshare insurance is a type of insurance provided to drivers that work for various livery companies. These help full-time as well as part-time employees with coverage where their personal insurance or the one provided by their employer falls short. Insurance companies provide either add-on or standalone options as rideshare insurance for individuals.

Type of policy
GEICO rideshare insurance is a hybrid insurance policy for dual coverage options for drivers. This is to say that the person can benefit from this insurance policy at all times. They will be offered coverage while driving around for work reasons, as well as when they are driving for personal reasons.

What is covered?
The GEICO rideshare insurance policy covers the driver named on the policy, the passenger (with injury limitations), the driver’s home members, and the damage incurred by the automobile. But, that is not all; here is why GEICO rideshare insurance is one of the best – this insurance policy offers coverage for comprehensive collision insurance. This means, not only does it work as a personal as well as work insurance, but it also has better coverage options than personal and employer-provided insurance combined.

What is the cost of GEICO rideshare insurance?
If you are impressed by what the GEICO rideshare insurance puts on the table, you might wonder how much it will cost you. First, let us reiterate that this hybrid policy will replace your existing personal insurance and will cover the gaps that other insurance providers leave out. However, for a quote on the pricing, you will have to get in touch with GEICO as the rates differ depending on various factors. The deductibles are assumed to be as low as $250 for this particular policy.

Can anyone in the States get GEICO rideshare insurance?
Sadly, no. The GEICO rideshare insurance is not yet available in all parts of the country. The states that do not have GEICO insurance are Alaska, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Michigan, North Caroline, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Utah.

GEICO rideshare insurance also covers food delivery drives and does not have any mileage restrictions associated with the policy.

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