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Tips for choosing the best travel health insurance plans

Tips for choosing the best travel health insurance plans

Taking a much-needed vacation abroad? Make sure you protect yourself with a travel health insurance before you set off on your adventures. Your existing medical insurance or Medicare and Medicaid programs will not offer you with coverage for hospital or medical costs outside of the country. It is, therefore, important that you get a separate travel health insurance that will cover you during any medical emergencies that arise during your travels.

There are plenty of travel health insurance plans easily available online that offer coverage for hospitalization, medical evacuation, and repatriation. These travel insurance plans range from a single trip to multiple trips, short- to long-term travel, international student health insurance, and international group health insurance. You can choose one that serves best with the objective of your travel.

Here are a few things you must keep in mind while picking out your travel health insurance plan.

  • Choose a plan according to the destination you are visiting.
  • If you plan on partaking in adventure sports such as skiing, scuba diving, skydiving, and bungee jumping while you are on vacation, make sure you find a plan that covers any unexpected injuries occurring as a result.
  • If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, make sure that the policy you choose covers that.
  • Be vigilant of how much coverage your travel health insurance plan offers, the number of deductibles and copayments as well as any exemption limits and refund policies.
  • Make sure you get a plan that covers the entire duration of your trip. Putting in the wrong dates may turn out to be a costly mistake.
  • Check if the travel health insurance plan only covers indemnity for medical expenses abroad or would you be eligible to get coverage for continued treatment in your home country upon your return.
  • Pay close attention to all the exclusions mentioned in the travel health insurance plan. Pick one that does not come with too many exclusions.
  • Get a plan from a company that offers 24-hour support in case of a medical emergency.
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