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Top pet insurance covers preferred by pet owners

Top pet insurance covers preferred by pet owners

The demand for pet insurances has grown rapidly over the past few years as more and more people are looking to afford the best veterinarian care possible for their pets. The market has a lot of pet insurance offerings to choose from, but picking the most viable option depends on the inherent features and the overhead costs. The major challenge in comparing these insurances is the absence of a standardized norm, thereby requiring word-of-mouth reviews to vouch for the best plans.

Some of the top selling and best reviewed pet insurance plans on the market are:

Pets Best: This insurance provider has been providing insurance plans that cover the overall wellbeing of pets since 2005. The standard cover includes accident and illnesses and has other combination packages that provide all-round wellness and treatments. The two plans are divided into Plus and Elite that have add-ons of general examination-fee coverage, rehab therapies, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatments. The general annual limit is up to $5000, and only the top tier insurance cover – Elite includes unlimited benefits.

Trupanion: This insurance cover offers a wide range of unlimited pet insurance and is offered under a single plan for all pet owners. The major perk is the offering of a lifetime cover for the pets, and this one plan covers about 90% expenses under the listed eligibility terms beyond the basic deductible cover. Some of the expenses that are covered under Trupanion are surgeries, medication, hereditary and congenital conditions, prosthetic devices and carts, etc. However, the expenses that are not subject to reimbursement under the cover include sales tax, exam fees, pre-existing conditions, and wellness and preventative care. It is also important to note that there is a waiting period for different conditions before your pet qualifies for the coverage provided by Trupanion.

Healthy Paws: This is a very common insurance cover preferred by many pet owners due to the exquisite cover, benefits, and prompt customer service. This comprehensive insurance covers a wide range of benefits with no limitation in their basic plan. However, they do not offer any optional insurance cover for wellness plans.

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