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Three high-income investments that you should consider

Three high-income investments that you should consider

With the rising economy, surviving each passing day has become a matter of money, so much so that the normal income doesn’t suffice the needs of a family anymore. It is important that one invests this income for it to grow, and investments and expectation attached to them have found a place in this world. People are nowadays preferring high levels of current income over a possible growth potential over the long run. This can particularly benefit people after their retirement or those investors who immediately need funds to invest in other places to build their portfolio. There are various opportunities available that can promise a high yield, some of them are as follows:

  • Business development companies
    These are the companies that provide capital financing to other smaller businesses. Some of these companies pay attention to debt financing, where they make money through relatively high interest rates charged to their borrowers. Some others use the concept of equity financing, banking on appreciating share price value in the client companies. The yield of business development companies can always be found to be around 10% or even more.
  • Mortgage real estate investment trusts
    The investment trusts of real estate get to avoid corporate-level taxation as they distribute a large portion of their income to their shareholders. Double-digit dividends are achieved by REITs that focus on mortgage securities by utilizing leverage to enhance profits from spreads between costs of capital and the returns received from mortgage security investments.
  • Master limited partnerships
    Any investment being placed in natural resources, commodities, or real estate assets are known as master limited partnerships. This sort of investment does not need to pay entity-level taxes as they are structured as partnerships and that pass through taxable income to their partners. However, it does sometimes happen that the amount of money that is supposed to be distributed to investors’ turns out to be greater than the MLP’s taxable income, which gives the investors some money that escaped current taxation as it has been considered to be the return of capital.
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