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College grants for single moms

College grants for single moms

Education is one of the most important safety nets that one can have in life and it is absolutely necessary that all of us have this safety net. However, with the rising economy, everything is becoming more and more expensive with each passing day and so is education. While paying the tuition fees of your kids is one of the biggest problems already, it can be a difficult place to start for single parent with discontinued education or one who want to pursue higher studies. However, for the same purpose, there are also many loans and grants available. They could be government college grants, various college grants for veterans are available and there have also been online college grants.

One of the most commonly used student financial aid that has proved to be helpful for single mothers would be the federal grants. These forms are mostly associated with the need based aspect of the student; however, some forms can also have the component that is based on merit. Given that federal government provides the most amount of grants, this is one of the best solutions one can look at. One can apply for federal aid with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

These federal grants come in various forms. Pell Grant is one such example. You would be eligible for Pell Grant whether you are a first time student or a single mother who is continuing her education. The grant amounts are decided by various factors like if the financial need goes beyond FEC, the total cost required to attend school, enrollment for an entire academic year and status as a full time or part-time student.

The U.S. department of education also provides the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) for students who find themselves in the toughest levels of financial hardship in the aspect of college expenses. This can also be one of the options to look at for single mothers seeking education. Academic Competitiveness Grant is one of the other available options.

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