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Debt consolidation with consumer credit counseling companies

Debt consolidation with consumer credit counseling companies

Simply put, debt consolidation is the process of combining all your unsecured debt (credit cards, medical bills or personal loans) into one single monthly payment. This repayment method is a suitable option for individuals struggling to keep up with multiple loan payments and due dates. offers debt consolidation plans that ease this process for borrowers and helps them improve their financial situation and carve out a debt-free future.

The American Consumer Credit Counseling is a non-profit organization that offers aid for Americans with debts. They have been offering financial counseling services for the past 22 years, in addition to programs that help manage and consolidate debts.

Through ACCC’s debt consolidation plan you can combine most of your unsecured debt and make a single monthly payment through an ACCC account. This will enable you to stay organized and on top of all your loan payments. Debt consolidation through ACCC can also help you save top dollars on your monthly payments which you can then use to pay off your loans faster. ACCC disburses your unsecured loan payments, which includes credit cards, department store cards, credit lines, and unsecured personal loans, to the respective creditors on your behalf.

You can also enroll in a debt management plan with By doing so, ACCC will draft a proposal to the creditors requesting them to charge lower interest rates on consolidation loans, make your accounts current, remove penalties and reduce finance charges and over-limit fees. This can significantly reduce the time you take to pay off your debts and your monthly payment costs.

Make note that once you are enrolled in the program, all or most of your participating credit accounts will be closed for spending. This move is targeted in a genuine effort to reduce your outstanding debts. Additionally, financial counseling offered by ACCC can be of great help for you to work toward a debt-free future. In order to consider debt management options and receive counseling sessions, you need to fill out an online application on

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