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Various options to get a loan without credit checks

Various options to get a loan without credit checks

When our credit score is bad, it is difficult to get a loan approved by a bank. However, there are lenders, who offer loans with no credit checks.
Borrowing from and family should be the first option even if it awkward as they do not check the credit scores. Following are the borrowing options that do not check your credit history.

Bad Credit Loans
They are not lenders but connect the lenders with borrowers. They are peer to peer service(P2P) who connect the investor with borrowers. The APR may range from 6% to 36% with a repayment period of 3 months to 36 months with a maximum of $1000. Once you have requested, the company will connect you to the potential lenders and you can choose your lender according to your needs. It is free to apply and there is no obligation to accept the offer. There is no credit check involved, which makes it ideal for bad/no credit borrowers.

OneMain is a 95+-year-old company offering both secured and unsecured loans. It has more than 1600 branches in 44 states in the USA. APR ranges from 17% to 36% with a repayment period of 2-5 years. Loans can range from $1500 to $25,000.

Peerform is a P2P service with low advertised APR of around 6-24%. It has a high borrowing limit of $25000. However, this requires a good credit score and loans are immediately funded.

In addition to the above, there are many payday loans which offer loans with no credit checks. It is important to improve your credit scores to getter better APR with companies who check credit scores. To improve your credit score, one should first get to know their credit score. Secondly, the debt must be paid immediately and mostly in one payment. Do not avail new credit if you don’t have the ability to pay them. Taking secured credit cards and loans would help in improving your credit score. Resist the temptation to close unused credit cards as it may affect your credit history. Overall, it is best to avoid taking unsecured loans until it’s necessary.

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