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How to get the perfect credit score for a home loan

How to get the perfect credit score for a home loan

A credit score is one of the crucial factors that decide whether the lender would sanction and extend the home loan that you have been praying to get. It could literally help you reach your dreams or even shatter you without one. How does one ensure to get the perfect credit score? Here are some tips:

Pay on time
The first aspect that the lenders would look for would be your payment history. If your payment has been made well within the due date and if you have been on the consistent side of the pyramid, there is nothing to fear of! You can rest assured that you will have a good credit score.

Check the credit card report
Always ensure to review your credit card statement for accuracies. Sometimes you will be rejected for your home loans application just for the sheer fact that your credit card carries some wrong information about you. Another crucial factor is to also check the credit report once in a while. Inaccuracies in the credit report will affect your score negatively and it’s always best to rectify this at the earliest. Normally, any dispute is given 30 days to investigate and settle. Hence have a check on the reports that will eventually come as an impediment between you and your house loan.

Repay old debts
Remember the good old student loan you took ages ago for which you are still paying your monthly installments? Start repaying them. Consolidate all the debts and ensure you start repaying them, which clearly gives an indication that you are looking at starting your financial situation afresh. Repaying old debts also gives an assurance to the lenders that you are serious about your financial status.

Stay professional
Its all about how you project yourself. You could carry the world’s best credit score report and could also be extremely prompt in paying your bills. You could still be denied of a home loan or get a much lesser sum as a loan if you behave rude or unprofessional. Small aspects such as being punctual for a meeting with the banker and responding to their queries in the most professional way could do you a lot of good!

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