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All about continuing care retirement communities

All about continuing care retirement communities

Continuing care retirement communities are campus-type retirement communities that offer a wide variety of care options for older adults and make their lifestyle extremely comfortable and appealing. The continuing care retirement community is known to offer a touch of various components such as a housing complex, an activity center, and a health care system. This retirement community should not be mistaken for a dormitory, a hospital, a nursing home or an apartment complex for retired people.

Continuing care retirement community (CCRC) works hard to stand apart from the retirement living options by providing a continuum of housing, a wide array of services, healthcare which have been very smartly planned and located centrally and administered all on one campus. There are three different levels of care offered at a CCRC which are residential living, assisted living and nursing care. These services are carefully managed and coordinated by a team of healthcare professionals. Before a particular party moves in, a contract is signed between the CCRC and the entering party which thereafter lasts for the entering party’s lifetime. Once entered, at each level of service, CCRC works hard to provide the best quality and best available healthcare professionals. As the time moves forward and the needs of a member of CCRC increase, you will still have the advantage of staying in a familiar environment which stands out as one of the best things about CCRC.

A great growth has been observed in the number of CCRCs since the 1960s which was significantly observed in the 1980s. Presently, there are about 2,000 CCRCS situated in the country. As time and technology develops the variety and quality of different kinds of services offered at CCRCs, be it lifestyle or health care options, are growing.

Given the increased mobility of the modern society and increased outlook that developed the retirement plans, older adults now prefer a location for their safety and security which can provide all the necessary care they would require as they move forward and grow older.

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