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4 free tax software programs for hassle-free tax preparation services

4 free tax software programs for hassle-free tax preparation services

The tax situation can have people running helter-skelter to seek help from different sources. Usually, people seek a professional’s help when they aren’t adept at handling tax matters. However, hiring a professional to prepare taxes and file returns can turn out to be a costly affair, especially if you are low on funds. To ensure that you do not overburden your finances and can prepare your taxes and file for returns without hassles, you can use either of the leading tax software programs that perform most of the essential tasks for free.

There are various tax software programs 0that guarantee accurate results, ease of use, and most of the times these services are free. However, even free things come with an expiry; the free tax software programs usually reserve the “free” offer for new customers. This means that if you have used the free tax software program the previous year, you’ll have to pay to use the same software program next time. To avoid charges, you can simply switch to the next-best tax software program of the year.

So, take a look at some of the popular tax software programs, and make an informed choice as choosing the right one will make tax preparation and filing returns an easy task.

TurboTax Federal Free Filing Option (Absolute Zero)
If you have simple tax requirements, then the Federal Free Filing option from TurboTax is the right choice for you. It includes most of the features and functionality which is a part of TurboTax’s paid version. The free version includes the best and the fastest refund guarantee, W-2 importing, support via live chat, and your choice of e-filing or print-and-mailing filing. Moreover, it even allows you to file your first state return for free. With the free edition, you will get an Audit Support Center download and a Life Events Expert tool that can identify the life changes in the past year which can affect the taxes.

H&R Block At Home Free Edition
H&R Block is one of the most reliable tax software programs in the country. In fact, it has thousands of storefront tax prep outlets across the country, and it offers a powerful, user-friendly online tax prep option for at-home tax filers. The H&R Block At Home Free Edition offers several basic tax preparation options that include common tax deductions and is ideal for those who have simple tax situations. This free tax software offers an H&R Block worry-free Audit Support, where a tax professional will assist you if you are audited, a step-by-step guide that will help you complete your taxes, and advice you on common deductions like those related to owning a home or making charitable contributions, and tax credits.

TaxACT Free Edition
With the help of this free tax software program, you can file any income tax returns. If you are contemplating choosing the IRS FreeFile Fillable forms over the TaxACT Free Edition, then you need to reconsider your decision as it has nowhere near the same features that this superior tax software does. The benefits of choosing TaxACT Free Edition is that it supports more complex returns, can be used online or on the desktop with a free download, offers an access to TaxACT Center for answers to tax questions, and guides you about using TaxACT. For college-bound citizens, the TaxACT’s Federal Student Aid Tax Worksheet makes completing the FAFSA easier.

TaxSlayer Simply Free Edition
Even if you are considering buying a paid version of a tax software program, TaxSlayer’s paid version will come across to be the most affordable one. The TaxSlayer Simply Free Edition proves useful if you file a 1040EZ and offers a step-by-step guide to find tax deductions; a Life Events Wizard, which identifies possible tax implications of life events that occurred in the course of the year; and a free state return. It even offers a free Military Edition which is meant for active duty military personnel.

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