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GEICO versus its competitors – Which is better?

GEICO versus its competitors – Which is better?

Without car insurance, you’ll have to pay for damages out of pocket. GEICO is one such auto insurance provider that has insured over 25 million vehicles. Today the company has over 40,000 insurance associates and over 15 million active auto insurance policies. It has an app that helps users stay updated with their insurance policies.

In this article, we will be looking at how GEICO compares with other auto insurance companies. 

GEICO vs. Progressive
Customers highly recommend GEICO for its wide array of features and easy-to-use app. Credit rating companies like AM BEST rate GEICO A++, whereas Progressive has an A+ rating. GEICO also provides car insurance discounts for federal employees and military personnel.

Is GEICO better than Progressive?
GEICO fares well when compared to Progressive, as it offers better annual rates. For instance, GEICO’s average yearly rate is $1100, while Progressive’s yearly rate is more than $1300.

GEICO vs. State Farm
GEICO offers its services in 50 states compared to State Farm, which offers its services in 48 states. The latter has no BBB rating, while GEICO has an A+ business rating. Moreover, GEICO offers mechanical breakdown insurance, and it even offers discounts on new vehicles.

Is GEICO better than State Farm?
Although both insurance companies are reputable, GEICO has a better customer rating than State Farm. The average annual rate of GEICO is less than State Farm. 

GEICO vs. Allstate
GEICO has a better user experience when compared to Allstate and offers more discounts. It provides discounts for multiple vehicles and to military personnel. GEICO’s mobile app also allows its users to request emergency roadside service in case they need assistance.

Is GEICO better than Allstate?
GEICO offers better rates by age when compared to Allstate. The average annual premium for customers in their 20s is around $1450, whereas Allstate provides a higher price of approximately $2640.

USAA fares well for military personnel and their families. However, GEICO is more favored by users, as it has more than 16 discount options. While both insurance companies offer roadside assistance, rental reimbursements, GEICO also provides mechanical breakdown insurance.

Is GEICO better than USAA?
Overall, GEICO has better discount features than USAA. USAA also limits its services to a relatively narrow audience. It is only available to those with a military affiliation. 

GEICO is better than AAA regarding coverage, discounts, customer experience, and claims processing. GEICO even offers discounts for military members and emergency deployment.

Is GEICO better than AAA?
While both insurance companies have mobile apps, GEICO offers an extra feature of 24/7 support.

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